Why is it so Cold this Winter if Global Warming is Real?

A lot of people have been suggesting that global warming is a farce because it is so cold this winter.  For example, it recently snowed in Florida.  So global warming can't be real, right?  An interesting, and seemingly plausible, explanation is that the Jetstream has been weakened due to warmer artic air, causing it to bring bone chilling temps further south.  This New York Times article talks about it.


Houston Flood Relief

I started my career in 2002 doing flood damage surveys in Houston, Texas related to Tropical Storm Allison.  I spent six weeks driving around Houston talking to business owners about the flood and met a lot of kind and amazing people.  The current situation makes me feel sick to my stomach, but I know the strong people of Houston will get through this.  JJ Watt started a flood relief fund.  Link here if you are interested in donating.